Frequently unhappy Pi 2

Most days when I return to my OSMC Pi 2 it is either unresponsive or has the unhappy face appearing in what may be a reboot loop. The unesponsiveness is 9/10 times and happens almost daily. It very rarely plays up,during use.

The Pi is a v2 with a Pi Hut power supply, a class10 Kingston card. Updates are switched on so should be on latest software. I do have a couple of video add-ons.

There is a usb it receiver attached (Cheapo PC Remote from eBay).

Video is over hdmi. Network is hard wired.

What (and how) do I extract the logs and info needed to diagnose the issue? [Edit - just read How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC so will get some logs ]

I had the same problem but disabling the turbo mode made it stable again.

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Prior to logs or any other specific info on the system yet, this is the first suggestion.

Thanks so much for the replies. Turned off turbo mode and twenty fours hours stable.