Fresh install. Manual network config just hangs

Fresh install on a previous working setup with latest image using the 14.04 ubuntu osmc installer. After trying a few different times trying to configure my wifi with the installer I just chose a wired connection and decided I’d just configure it manually in the settings. But now I can’t get past my screen just stuck in the spinning cursor after putting in my credintals. I’ve done this numerous times in the past without problems and normally it just works automatically when set up form the installer. Any ideas?

  1. Try to do the install again, make sure to use the latest installer and the latest OSMC.
  2. Then choose wired connection but to configure it yet.
  3. After install put on your pi and plug in a ethernet cable so it can try to find some updates and stuff.
  4. After that you can try to configure wifi. (with the ethernet cable still attached).
  5. After that`s done and it works, you can then remove the ethernet cable. and your done.