Fullscreen problems

For a couple of weeks I have some problems with fullscreen when watching movies. Every time when I pause the movie the litle dialog in the corner remains after playing again. A similar problem appears when trying to use the menu while fullscreen. It is only possible to reach the menu if I pause. Another problem is the “working” dialog. When starting a movie that dialog remains slightly visible occasionally.
I use the Confluence skin. But the same problems appear with a different skin.

Thanks in advance.

We need a complete set of debug enabled logs to see what’s going on here.

I have just found the setting which was responsible for the strange behaviour. It´s the checked “Adjust display refresh rate”. Unchecking it solved the problem.

If disabling that fixed the problem, that is a bug that needs to be fixed. Can you take a photo of the problem when it occurs ?

I think taking a photo wont help. Every dialog stays on fullscreen and won´t disapear. When trying to activate the menu (e.g. when pressing the middle button on Yatse) the menu wont appear until the movie is paused.
Sometimes even the volume control bar stays visible.
Btw I use “DVDplayer” due to the hifiberry soundcard.