Function not implemented error when trying to add videos from PC share

Rasberry pi 2 sees only shares from 1 of two PCs on the same network …

Both PCs are in the the same “WORKGROUP”.
The Rasberry Pi 2 can see the shares on the win10 PC using SMB
It cannot see the shares on the Win 7 PC using SMB
It returns the following error message “Function not implemented”

I can see the Rasberry Pi 2 from both PCs and I can ping both PCs from the Rasberry Pi 2

I need some help troubleshooting the issue.
Thanks in advance

Did you try disabling homegroups on the Win 7 machine? It is notorious for bugging up sharing between win/linux.

Thanks but I do not have homegroups setup on that PC.

Are there commands on the Rasberry Pi 2 that I can use to trouble this issue?
Thanks in advance.

Thanks. I have looked at that several times and followed the procedure, but still have the issue on that one PC,

Rather than using the browse feature, can you please let me know what the correct syntax is to use using the IP address instead of browsing.
If the IP is and the share name is Movies, is it the following?
I see that it is not showing the double backslash on this post.

Thanks is advance.

I did a copy and paste of the log file if that helps pinpoint the issue:
unix_err:‘26’ error : ‘Function not implemented’
18:49:58 354.559021 T:1957818928 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting smb://TONY1/
18:49:58 354.559296 T:1957818928 ERROR: CGUIDialogFileBrowser::GetDirectory(smb://TONY1/) failed
18:50:03 360.326874 T:1586603040 ERROR: SMBDirectory->GetDirectory: Unable to open directory :

Replace the DNS name you are using (TONY1) with the IP address.

Thanks!! If I enter the path as smb://IP/share it finds it.

Just really curious about why the browse function works with the win 10 PC
it does an smb://Tony2 and finds the shares.
with this Win 7 PC when it does an smb://Tony1 it returns function not implemented.

Thanks for all your help.