Game fanart

I can change the miniature off the added game folder in the game menu, but not off the game file in the added game folder .
I want to change mame “.zip” file miniature with the a screenshot off the game .
Any ideas how to do that ?

Do other skins support any type of fanart for games inside the games folders?

I don’t know .
Don’t want to try other skin !
Here some pics what i mean :

Just checked this with Kodi’s default skin Estuary. The games section currently doesn’t work like other library views at all. Game files (zip or extracted emulator games files) don’t have their own info dialog, no fanart and you can’t scrape any information at all. So, there’s nothing we can do unfortunately.

Thanks !
Already a miniature for the type off emulation is a nice start .
I hope the integration of game scrappers will come soon .
MAME2000 roms have really stupid names and almost impossible to know witch game you going to play .

game art and fanart will come with future version of kodi so im guessing it will be included in kodi19

check here to see whats coming and whats possible at the moment