General osmc questions

Hi, I am using libreelec for at least 1 year plus and I was wondering what osmc offers different than libreelec, somewhere I read that osmc have it own store to install apps and I can also install other apps from ssh,how does this work, like can I install any Debian arm64 package?like can I install external applications of kodi like vlc , spotify etc?

OSMC is based on Debian (APT), so offers a full operating system behind it.

You have apt-get - so you can install any packages from the Debian repositories.

For the sake of a five minute install, you may just wish to try it.

One question after I install a debian package except osmc like vlc , spotify or a file manager how can I access them as applications like how can I open them without terminal, thank you

P.S. I can’t wait to try osmc but waiting for the argon one script first to keep my Raspberry Pi 4 cold :sunglasses:

You could install a desktop environment. There are posts about this

And then if I install desktop environments can I come I also access kodi? And I have one 32GB sd card will it be enough for kodi and for the desktop environment?


Hi, one more question, oamc is based on debian or in raspbian (sorry if it is dumb question) and also the test version of osmc can output 4k60 or 4k30 without any problems ?

You can enable 4K output, yes.

which one 4k60 or 4k30? and is there any way to expand the test img of osmc for raspberry 4 to cover all the free space, like i have a 32GB sd card how can i expand it to the whole storage , i am from a windows 10 computer btw, thank you for your precious time

OSMC uses all available storage automatically.
I would suggest just trying the download at this point.