Get back to full screen video

Recently received my OSMC remote, and it’s GREAT! I do have one gripe though. If you hit the home button while playing video, there doesn’t appear to be a way to get back to full screen video from the remote. Hitting back numerous times doesn’t seem to work, and hitting home again doesn’t either.

When I was using my iPazzPort keyboard, I just hit tab and it’d go back to full screen, but there’s no button mapped to tab on the remote I don’t think, and although I haven’t had the remote that long, I don’t think I want to remap any of the buttons to be tab as the current layout seems perfect to me.

Any ideas?

If you’re using all the remote buttons, don’t want to remap any of them, and have stopped using the keyboard, you seem to have precluded all except thought control (which isn’t available, as far as i can tell)

It’s a shame no one has been able to get that add-in built! I’d even pay money for that one!

I did some more tinkering and I think it was a fluke. I could not repeat the behavior, no matter what buttons I hit on the remote.

The home button acts differently while playing video. It brings up the play/pause/stop bar instead of going “home”. I think what happened to me before was that hitting home didn’t do that and took me to my main home screen (maybe? I cannot remember, I just remember having to stop the video and going through the menu to play it again to get back).

This behaviour should be configurable by modifying remote.xml (I have not used it, but I believe there is even an add-on to make the modification easy). I think you would use ActivateWindow(Home) where right now it is probably specifying OSD.

Kodi keymap page

Don’t know how you managed to have your original problem.

Home during playback brings up the onscreen controls, pressing home again goes back to full screen video.

If you press back you’ll go back to a file list with video still playing in the background, however if you press home (or back enough times to get back to the home screen) and then back again, you’ll go back to full screen video.

Kodi must have just “thought” I wasn’t playing video, because the behavior seemed like it does when no video is playing. Like I say, I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem since, so I’m pretty sure it was a fluke.