Getting Bluetooth application back working again

Is it possible to rengage Bluetooth back to orig status to pair up devices.
My RPI 3 seems frozen in getting the Bluetooth application for enabling and discovery of other sources. Any way to"reboot" or undo its present status?

It’s pretty hard to decipher what you’re asking ?

Perhaps try to explain again in more detail what you have already done and what the issue is.

Installed an osmc Bluetooth adapter. Ran discuss very and my mini pad identified. I pad verified osmc adapter. Used the no pin option to link up the mini I pad.Response from both I pad and BT RPI 3 was negative. Would not link. Thought the “remove” option might work for the osmc adapter and then “restart” the process. The Bluetooth option appears “hung up” with no reponse at all. Question… Do I have to reinstall OSMC on my pi 3 ?
Many thanks…