Getting sad face when starting any videostream

Since this morning I am getting bluescreen when starting anything videorelated, youtube, twich, lokalfile (external drive)

think I managed to get som logs:
anything I can do or should I just clean install? :smiley:

EDIT: It is a Vero 4K+

sudo apt-get install vero3-mediacenter-osmc=18.2.0-6

disable auto updates and await further instructions.

Works now.
Awaiting further instructions…

Same here. Woke up this morning with a update prompt. I applied the update and now crashes with anything played.

Installed the old version and back to normal.

Well general advise is not to have the devel repository active unless you have a reason to use it

I guess I forgot to remove that line when i was testing in the past.
This is the line i removed. “deb stretch-devel main”
No wonder I’ve been getting so many update prompts.


The staging repository is experimental and isn’t recommended for daily uE.


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Yeah I did forget to remove the source either and had a couple of updates since then… luckily I actually did remove the source two days ago.

@Sam: While there is no doubt some user fault involved, I would suggest you rename the experimental source after every major update.

There is already a warning to remove the source after use in each post that advised on using it in a testing scenario! Failure of users to follow clearly advised instructions is no reason to make significant changes to infrastructure and development protocol.

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I have some plans to reduce the likelihood of a user accidentally using the staging repository for extended periods of time.

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