Getting started - trouble running OSMC-installer under Ubuntu

I’m trying to use my Ubuntu 18.04 desktop to install OSMC on a micro-SD card for my Raspberry Pi.

Requesting the “Linux” installer from the OSMC download page sends me to the OpenSUSE page, where I select the “Ubuntu” Linux flavor. Sadly, there is no reference to current versions, but the binary packages for osmc-installer are the same across all versions. I downloaded the .deb package and installed it.

It appeared to install correctly, I found the “OSMC Installer” in my applications menu. Sadly, clicking on it appears to do nothing. No GUI screen, no error message… I’ve even searched my error logs and found nothing helpful. I note my process list shows osmcinstaller as a zombie process… I tried killing it, but true to zombie form it persists.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Just dd the image manually. The Linux installer is now deprecated


Thanks, Sam. I’m not a stranger to the command line… but can you refer me a page showing the commands to properly set up the flash drive?

I can’t understand why the website would be recommending an unsupported installation method.

It works for most distributions, but can’t be guaranteed to work on every single one.

So what’s supported for one user may not necessarily be for another; hence the reason it is being removed.