Go back to main menu when being inactive?

What topic says… Is this possible?


The closest thing I’ve ever seen to that kind of feature is “Logoff” which is a screensaver addon that uses Kodi’s awareness of user activity to log a user off of Kodi, timed to the screensaver setting. Outside of scripting something for the underlying operating system or your own addon, you might be able to convince the developer to incorporate your suggestion into a subset of Kodi commands that would activate on inactivity. The guy seems open enough to suggestions and it’s not all that different than what he’s currently doing. You never know, it might inspire him to create an all new spinoff addon.

I’ll have a look at logoff. Thanks.
Sam seems like a decent guy, I remember him taking time to answer all sorts of questions back at the old raspbmc forums.
Scripting can solve anything, right? But this would be a nice feature to add in the future. I’m guessing most OSMC systems are always on and starting up the TV with OSMC at the main menu “every time” would be nice! :wink:

Sam indeed seems to be a stand-up chap. However, I was thinking that you might have more luck discussing this feature with the developer of “Logoff”, if he happens to still be lurking around. The addon is officially sanctioned on the actual Kodi repository, so I don’t think there is any harm in posting a link to the forum in which it’s development is discussed as it can also be found on Kodi’s own forums. That addy is…


I really think there is merit in your idea and it might be worth proposing an addon with a selection of features that could activate on timed user inactivity. Since “Logoff” is already close to being that addon, maybe elmerohueso could make it happen sometime in the near future.