Google Assistant

Any possibility that Google Assistant will make it into the OSMC distributions or is that only for Android?


I don’t think it can be used outside of Android unfortunately

FWIW, it is available on iOS so, not entirely limited to Android.

Butting out now. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it is, in the sense that applications can’t utilise it in the same way

I’ve seen it running on the RPi. The SDK is open source and runs on armv7hf:

It’s reference implementation is in Python as well, so that makes it an ideal Kodi Plugin candidate.

Two words: Device traits. Sky’s pretty much the limit.

I might do a tutorial on setting it up, but I strongly dislike where Google’s heading.
But that’s just me getting old :grin:

If you’re happy to work on it and submit a PR with functionality that will be great.


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