GPIO IR receveir + Logitech Harmony Ultimate

I upgraded from raspbmc to OSMC, and obviously I lost my remote configuration. I don’t know how configure it on OSCM.
I have a IR receveir plugged on the GPIO PIN 18 and a logitech Harmony Ultimate.

I think the remote has the good configuration, because it’s worked on Raspbmc.

If someone can help me
Thank you

Did you set the config file in OSMC settings under remotes? Not sure which one you set your remote up as, but mine works fine as rc6-mce-lircd. Also make sure you enable LIRC GPIO support in hardware support (found under the big raspberry icon in OSMC settings)

I’m happy :smile:
I had not set rc6-mce-lircd on the remote configuration.

It’s work like a charm now, thank you !

PS: I do not regret Raspbmc. It’s easier and faster.

Glad you got it working.

I don’t regret raspbmc either, but OSMC is much faster/leaner. Easier is kind of subjective though, once you learn where the settings are you’re good.

Once you throw your favorite skin on, you’ll see it the way you remember it, with just the addition of the OSMC settings app. Kinda better that way if you ask me.