Gpio Lirc receive broken in October update?

Rpi2 with home brew receiver and transmitter.
Was working fine until I update but now can only send, not receive.

Mode2 will occasionally give some output but it seems when it does, it’s missing lots of pulses.

The hardware is seeing pulses because I have an led also on the receive line.

Is the lirc_gpio module buggy ?

I have receive on gpio22 which is not typical but the smear logs show that it’s using 22 correctly and detecting an active low receiver.

And now it’s working fine.

Maybe it was a subtle hardware issue - I reseated the receiver module and now it works.

Maybe I had a dirty connection that was good enough for the led to light but not good enough for the pi to reliably work.

I’m not aware of any changes relating to lirc_rpi and it’s working fine for me.

How did you go about setting things up?
I had used the below link to setup a custom IR receiver and transmitter to create a universal remote on Raspbian earlier. Not sure how I can get it working in OSMC.