Groups and Permissions

Hi All,

I created new users to reflect users on other machines that mount my server (which runs OSMC). I did the following:

(1) Created user1, user2
(2) Created group1
(3) added users: osmc, user1, user2 to group1
(4) chowned all media to user1:group1 (owned by user1, group1)
(5) Set perms to 770

Unfortunately when I try to play any content it won’t play. Only plays if I set it to 777 which confuses me. Any suggestions?

How do you mount?

Which filesystem?

Mount in fstab vis cifs, all in Linux machines.

Filesystem is ext4.

If all systems are Linux based, use NFS! Faster than SMB, and native to Linux.

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Totally off topic and not true. I’ve been using Linux for years, NFS has lots of issues.

Please stay on topic when replying to posts - it’s frustrating when people take things off topic.

WOW, you are on your own then!

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What is your samba user mapping?
And as @bmillham wrote, for all linux machines surely using NFS is less troublesome

I’ve posted all over the place (I believe including in this forum) about the hassle of NFS with RPi - it has some serious issues that causes severe slowdowns. Linux since 2004, I’ve been around, I’ve tested for tens of hours on various configurations, ultimately NFS never had the performance that Samba has.

As for samba user, what difference does that make? I can’t play it locally on the Raspberri Pi itself when User1 is a user on the RPi, Group1 is a group on the Rpi, users OSMC, user1, and user2, are all members of Group1, and content is owned by User1, Group1, with permissions as 770.

I’m not sure why my clients’ samba setups would matter given these facts.

Ok, we just will accept that view of yours even so it is different to all experiences that are published on the Internet

Well I get a bit confused here. Are you saying on the server locally you can not play the files?

I assume you are aware that the samba user != unix user

I wish I could figure out how to reply quoted :slight_smile: Anyways.

(1) Fair - thanks. I get amazing speeds over samba so…no interest in changes.
(2) Yes, I can’t play locally until I set things to 777 which is unfortunate
(3) Yes, these are not samba users, I ssh’ed into the RPi (local OSMC machine) and created these users/groups locally

Mark the text in the post with your mouse and click “Quote” :wink:

Set to 770, provide a ls -lah of the file you want to play, enable debug log, try to play file, upload logs

Ok, so if you problem is first locally let us first focus on that and not mention samba

Why is it unfortunate? You can at least wind it down to 774 if that would help.