Grub2 0-Day

Not sure if this is at all relevant to OSMC but thought I’d post here FYI.



Irrelevant to OSMC.

OSMC does not use GRUB at this time. x64 version does; but this will be patched via Debian security repo.


It should be pointed out for completeness (since the media always over-hypes the severity of these kind of problems) that booting a system that does use grub2 from a USB stick/CDROM instead of the internal hard drive would give you the same level of access as exploiting this bug - full root level access to the file system if it is unencrypted.

This exploit only allows you to do the same thing by more conveniently pressing certain keys on the keyboard instead of booting off an external drive/CD.

Most linux systems are not “secure” against someone who has physical access and control of the device.