GUI bug in Videos mode - Unexpected row shift

In Wall view of Videos > Files mode, after selecting a movie that hasn’t been scanned into the library yet and choosing “Scan to library,” the interface shifts all movies up one row. As a result, if the selected movie was in row 2 of the wall, it jumps up and becomes row 1 after scanning. This seems to be a bug.

Could you maybe provide two screenshots to make it visually clear (before and after) what you mean?

Would be greatly appreciated! :wink: If it’s a bug, I’ll look into it…

I assume that once it’s scanned, kodi will be using a different name to refer to it. Is this just kodi re-ordering the entries as might be expected?

@Chillbo sure, here you go.

@grahamh In this case, entries are sorted by directory name and not by library title, so scanning does not affect the order.