H.264 cam video

I use a pi2 on my wired home network to monitor the H.264 security video from six cameras.
The video from the cameras is 1280x720 usually averaging 3.0mb/s.
The video .strm streams I assume are buffered and playing with Omxplayer.
The streams played fine with both RC-1 and RC-2 but appear to have numerous dropped packets with both RC-3 and now with the latest update, rendering the streams almost unusable.
Something has definitely changed after RC-2 but I have no idea what, if anything can be done to fix it.
Maybe someone has run into the same issue?

What I have found is that enabling “force turbo” in the custom overclock settings fixes the issue but I’m not sure if this is what should be done. And also why it should be necessary after RC-2.

Can you upload a log so we can take a look?


This log was made with overclock set to normal while streaming the camera.