H.265 720p HEVC on Raspberry Pi2

Hi there,

I have a Pi 2 and want to read H.265 720p HEVC files on it.
At first, it was very buggy, the sound was not synchronized with the image and the subtitles were off too…

I put the Pi on Turbo mode in the OSMC settings and changed the ram allocation (300 something instead of 256).
It’s much better, it works most of the time and it’s buggy only 2-3 minutes for a video of 45 minutes.

But it’s still buggy. So, what could I do to view perfectly the files? Is it possible to overclock the Pi 2? I don’t want it to freeze or die sooner but if it’s possible to overclock to watch H.265 720p HEVC files, why not!

What settings should I put in the Turbo mode?


The problem with H.265 HEVC is that it is a fairly new standard and requires more processing power than the pi can supply by default. I have tested this on my Raspberry Pi 2 with no luck no matter which settings I tried. MAYBE by overclocking the Raspberry pi3 you might have better luck but this causes more things to be cautious about such as over heating problems etc. The raspberry pi 3 almost needs a heatsink with default settings. At the end of the day, I do not think it is worth it just to use a different codec or standard. Wait around for the Raspberry Pi 4 :slight_smile: maybe that will pack enough juice to decode the HEVC files.