Hard Disk Installation


I have an usb 2T0 hard disk with several partition. I want to install OSMC on one of them without having to delete the entire contents of the hard drive .
Is it possible to change the usb installation so that we can choose the destination partition ?
Or how to do it manually ?

thank you

At this time we don’t have the option for precise partitioning. We just make one big ext4 partition on the target device.

This will probably change in a month or so.

Just wondering if this functionality exists yet. I’d like to do the same thing–install to a 2 TB HD on a specific partition. Thanks.

I’m looking for something similar. I actually want to create a separate partition on my SD Card, and then combine that with a 64GB USB drive and stripe data across both of them, so they’ll look like a single 120GB HDD (I need the footprint to be very small). Anyway, I tried both parted and fdisk to create different sized partitions but it end up corrupting the installation. Anyone have ideas that might work?


OH BTW - I’m on the Vero, not the RPi. Just wanted to keep the conversation together.

You are looking for LVM (Logical Volume Management). I would not recommend mixing this across mediums, as your IO will fall off a cliff and you could get unexpected results. What if the OSMC SD card gets corrupted and you need to re-image the system?

Buying two USB disks may be the key here. You could start with one 64-gb drive for now in the following way:

  • Create a volume group from one physical volume
  • Create a logical volume inside the volume group

When (if?) you add more disks, add the new disk to the volumegroup vgadd, then use lvextend to extend the volume. You can then use resize2fs to grow the volume.


Awesome Sam thank you. I see your points. And hey, if you’re saying it’s not a good idea, I’m persuaded. I’m going to try what you said here. I’ll just keep the 64GB SD card and use the extra room as storage for a backup, and then use 1-2 USB drives.

I guess maybe a different (or “the right”) question is this: if I need a player to have ~100GB storage and I want to keep the form factor small and attempt at controlling cost, is the Vero the best solution? I have a collection of devices that I’m testing (NUC, Chromebox, RPi, RPi2, Nexus Player, AFTV, and waiting on the new NUC and the Intel Compute Stick) and I like this little box, but sure wish I could expand the local storage.

I think a portable USB hard drive is the most cost effective solution.


Is it now possible now to select a partition on USB drive, where OSMC will be installed? I don’t see such option in the installer, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

No, the entire USB will be overwritten.