Hard drives capacity

Hi everyone

I’m very interested in buying a vero 4k+ box but I’m a little concern about its capacity to read 10 drives at the same time. I have no problem with my raspberry pi 3 reading all of them but I’m not sure about Vero because it got just 2 usb ports, don’t know If I willl have to use a special hub in each one or it will work the three hubs I’m using with my Raspberry.


Ten drives? Sorry, but have you considered buying a NAS?

Indeed — ten drives is a bit much and Vero isn’t the right solution here


With only two USB ports, you will have to daisy-chain your hubs. You could test that on Pi3. If it works on Pi3, there’s not reason why it wouldn’t on Vero.

But a NAS is the proper way…

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Back when NAS and NFS were “new” and having a ton of issues, I ended up taking an old computer and building a samba and mediatomb server (PCs, an rpi and a smart TV). Ten years, multiple rpi’s and smart TV’s later, I’m still running a samba and Emby server. I find that samba works quite well for our household needs, other than to offer up media shares. We can back up and restore PCs and phones and use space on the server for “extra storage” (15TB of drives in server). For our purposes, 'It Just Works’®

and your latest samba update ??

I have no problem in a rpi3, all drives detected with no issues at all, with samba I got some issues mostly because my nvidia shield tv which stops every hour while playing any kind ok movie

I’m assuming your 3 USB hubs are all connected directly to the Pi and they are 4-port hubs. The only difference with Vero will be you can’t do that but will have to connect one hub to the Vero, then the other two to that one hub. If that all works, assembled like that on the Pi, then it should work on Vero.

I was wondering about using 2 hubs of 5 USB instead of hub connected to hub

I would suggest that instead of daisy chaining hubs.

But with 10 HDD, there will be no spare slot for the remote RF dongle.

Vero 4k doesn’t have HDMI CEC???

I’m running my 4k with three 4-bay hdd Mediasonic enclosures.
Currently at 10 hard drives and no real issues. The Update/scan takes a bit, but no real issues thus far.
Using a 7 port USB 3 powered hub.

Yes – it has CEC. You can use this instead of the included remote.

Could you tell me which bay and hub are you using?


Mediasonic HF2-SU3S2 & generic powered 7 port USB hub. Might be monoprice, I’d have to check.

I don’t understand your question.