Harmony - Vero4K bluetooth problem

Hi, I’m trying and failing to reconnect my Harmony elite to my Vero 4K by bluetooth. They lost connection due to a power out a few days ago. The ‘Harmony Keyboard’ either doesn’t show up at all in the Available Devices’ list, shows for a second then disappears, or very rarely, appears for long enough for me to select it but it then displays a ‘failed to connect’ logo on screen. I’ve disabled the 2 recently added apps (Trakt and OpenVPN) but still same. As a test I tried to connect the Harmony via bluetooth to my PS4 and that worked first time. Logs; https://paste.osmc.tv/bewabilaba
Just after pasting these I noticed it was now showing as a ‘Paired Device’ but alternating quicly between being connected and unconnected, but wasn’t controllable from the Harmony. Any help appreciated.