Haunted SD card?

Just today I backed up my Samsung Evo 16GB SD card with Win32DiskImager (like I do from time to time). I then tried to write a new image to the SD card and everything seemed to go smoothly. I popped the SD card back in the rpi 3 and was confused when I saw that my previous installation booted up…

To make a long story short, I’ve tried to format the sd card using gparted and SDformatter on two different machines. I’ve tried writing new partition tables with gparted since I got error message about partition table overlapping. SDFormatter just tells me the card is write protected and can’t continue. Using gparted I can select to delete the two partitions available, and apply changes. Gparted would say changes were successful but after refreshing, the partitions are back.

Here’s the weird part. Even after trying to format the card with all the help I could get at the time from Ubuntu IRC, it still boots up OSMC as it was. And here’s another even weirder thing. I can FTP files to the SD card while running OSMC (tried a 80MB trailer file) and it works, I can even play it. But after a reboot. It’s gone! And so are the changes I’ve made to OSMC aswell!

What’s going on here?

Your card may be counterfeit, or faulty. The fact that you experience issues in your PC as well as on your device rule out PSU being the problem.

Always buy from official resellers, and avoid eBay (it’s too risky) and private sellers on sites like Amazon. There is a serious business in counterfeiting cards it would seem. Download ‘H2Testw’ and try it on the card and it will let you know if it’s genuine. The card is more likely to just be faulty if it worked for a long time before.

We manufacture and sell our own high performance card which is proving to be quite popular.

Thanks Sam. H2Testw shows the card was full of errors, and card has to be counterfeit! Bought it on ebay as “genuine”. Should have known better!

Any news on when Vero 2 will be back in stock?

Not yet – but if you sign up to the stock email, you will receive an email when we have some news.


Done! Thanks