HD-DVD ISO Playback

Hello, this may be an unpopular question, since HD-DVD has been obsolete for a long time now - but if I install Kodi on Windows, it will happily open a HD-DVD ISO (without menus, just plays the main feature). However, when I try to do the same on OSMC (on a raspberry pi), it will not open the file. I wondered if that is the way it is supposed to be?

Some logs might give some clues.

Is the ISO encrypted?

Sorry to only come back to this now - our child was born, and I have been busy since!

The ISO is not encrypted. However, I have more information - when using Kodi on Windows, actually it will not play an ISO of a HD-DVD directly. However, if I mount the ISO using the operating system, then Kodi recognises it as a HD-DVD disc, and plays the main title perfectly (albeit with no subtitles - these were apparently notoriously difficult to read, and even programs like makemkv still cannot deal with HD-DVD subtitles). Perhaps it might be possible to get OSMC to mount a HD-DVD ISO first, and then play the main feature? I know I for one would be extremely grateful to be able to do this.

With regards to HD-DVD menus, I’ve given up hope there - seems they use something called “Advanced Content” developed by Microsoft, and nobody is interested in emulating it (why would they, when it’s a dead format?)


I think it’s important to see some logs so we can see in details what’s going on