HDHomeRun Protocol Not Supported Any More in OSMC (Kodi 16 Jarvis)

I have been using old HDHomerun tuners for years and have been watching them through OSMC using the HDHomerun Protocol built into Kodi. This allowed me to view these as streams or M3U file pointing to the streams. The .strm files look like this:


XXXXXXXX is my tuner id

OSMC updated to Kodi Jarvis and it stopped working. I investigated and saw that Kodi dropped the HDHomerun Protocol from the files even though they had no working replacement for these older HDHomeruns. These older units do not support either HTML or DNLA. I have always found the tvheadend or Mythtv backend a pain and unreliable. I don’t want the extra hardware/software running to “fix” / “bandaid” this.

Let me know if I can be of any additional help.
Could you consider adding this back into your code until this is resolved?
Is there a way for me to reinstall back to Kodi Isengard until then? I know that under RASBMC I could see previous versions but that is no longer there.

Sam B.