HDMI-, addon- and IP problems

Hey there,

at first…sorry for my english.
So. I have a couple of questions…
I downloaded the osmc OS for my raspberry pi 2 and installed it.

But I have a few problems with that OS.

  • At first, when I start the PI the osmc system is booting and than my tv switch to the hdmi-output 1…but the PI is connected to the hdmi-output 2 (it is the better output :smiley: ) How can I change that…is it even possible to change that?

  • When I start a music-streaming-addon I’ve no sound…can’t hear anything. The sound is adjusted about the hdmi-output.

  • All my video-streaming-addons refuses to stream a video or movie. Even the youtube-addon is not interested to search a video. It only says “bad request”.

  • Openelec has a lot of unofficial addons for their OS. I can’t find any of this unofficial addons in osmc. Where can I find these addons?

  • Where can I find my IP-address and my location? I’m using a openvpn connection and want to know if it works :smiley:

Thanks in advance.

Can no one help me?