HDMI Audio "Crackle and Pop"

I’ve had this same issue previously while running Ubuntu on my previous media computer.

During any and all playback, there are audio issues, taking the shape of minor, yet frequent crackles and pops.

I used to run Kodi on Windows, and there were no sound issues there.

In short:
OSMC (2016.12.01)
Sound and video over HDMI.
Audio crackles and pops.

Fiddling with the available audio settings and outputs.
Installed PulseAudio, tried it as output and applied the tsched=0 fix.

Hi there, without logs it can be hard to help you with your issues so please check the wiki for how to supply a debug log

but i can offer a suggestion had similar issues before and my case it was the psu that was the cause but that migth not be your cause but it might be worth a try.

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