Hdmi auto switching

Since the last update, I have an issue where my Onkyo av receiver keeps switching to Vero input. I’ll begin playing on ps4 and it will switch maybe 5-6 times continually until it finally sticks.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Try turning all devices off at the wall, count to 10 and turn them on again.

I use a hdmi switch. Normally when multiple sources are on it will sit on the current and only switch when it detects the current one has gone offline/ unavailable.
It’s a onkyo issue, did the previous suggestion work?

Not tried switching off at wall yet but just seems coincidental that it started after last update. Onkyo has not updated so no change there.


I think you should power everything off, waiting restart, HDMI handshakes are picky.
The HDMI sources can’t over power the HDMI switch inside your onkyo.

is it possible that an IR signal is telling your onkyo to switch sources?
I have an xbox, vero, pc and a blu ray player plugged into mine.
If i turn the Xbox on the switch recognises a new source, maybe ungplugging your hdmi leads and reinserting them

As I say though, no changes to my set up besides recent Vero update which is when this issue began. Also, it’s only the Vero source the AVR switches back to never any other source.
I’m using a Harmony remote; there are no other IR sources.

Ok, i would say reboot everything though HDMI handshakes are fussy

Still getting this issue. I did disable HDMI CEC on my avr which fixed the problem, but then I get no ARC.
It appears the vero is constantly announcing itself and that’s why avr switches to it as input