HDMI CEC broken after TV standby


referring to the current release of OSMC on Vero 4K, I’m facing the problem that every time the older Panasonic flatscreen (TX-L32GW10) is switched off and later on again, the CEC isn’t working anymore. The behaviour is independent of having longer breaks between on and off, during normal operation it works perfectly and just switching the HDMI input on the TV doesn’t fix the problem. The only workaround is to reboot the Vero.

Is there any known solution to this? For the Raspi I read about options to statically provide EDID data already at boot time and / or to tweak CEC additionally in the config.txt. But for Vero I don’t know of / haven’t seen any such options.


What else is connected to the TV?

A Panasonic DVD recorder (roughly same year ~ 2009) and a pretty new Xoro DVB-T2 box (which should hopefully soon be both entirely replaced by the Vero). Worth to note that Vero itself is able to power on the TV from standby via CEC, while the function to shutdown Vero with the TV via CEC does not work either.

Can you try removing them temporarily?
Power down both Vero 4K and TV at the mains for 10 minutes.

Power back up with only the TV and Vero 4K connected temporarily and see if the symptoms persist.


Ah, Xoro is the “bad guy”. With it being disconnected it works like a charm. Sorry for not testing this earlier and now waiting even more for T2-support with the Vero :wink: