HDMI-CEC delay

Has anyone else reported HDMI-CEC delay using the latest update on a Vero 4k?

Sometimes it’s absolutley fine… other times there is a significant delay… like a few seconds…

I’ve been watching the log when i press a button and it can take a second or 2 to register that a button has been pressed.

I’d submit the logs, but they really don’t show anything as the delay isn’t represented in there…

For the record this is using a an LG tv and i’ve tgried both the default remote and a universal one.

It doesn’t occur in anything except OSMC.

Edit : it doesn’t matter if anything is playing or not.
Edit 2: It happens with the default skin too

We haven’t had any reports of this and CEC hasn’t been changed in some time.

You could try checking that you haven’t configured any repeat filtering.

You could also try turning everything off at the mains. Anything else connected to the TV? Does disconnecting help?

it’s odd, but i think it may be another skin issue :frowning:
I need to do some more testing… but thanks for the info @sam_nazarko

@sam_nazarko i’ve noticedin the logs that this script kicks off all the time by itself… even when things are playing…

2020-06-15 22:07:14.688 T:3787416288   DEBUG: [ script.embuary.helper ] Start new fanart grabber process
2020-06-15 22:07:17.461 T:3787416288   DEBUG: GetArtistsByWhereJSON query: SELECT a1.*, art.art_id AS idArt, art.type AS artType, art.url AS artURL FROM (SELECT artist.idArtist, strArtist FROM artist  WHERE (EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM song_artist WHERE song_artist.idArtist = artist.idArtist AND song_artist.idRole = 1) OR EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM album_artist WHERE album_artist.idArtist = artist.idArtist)) AND (artist.strArtist != '') ORDER BY RANDOM() LIMIT 40) AS a1 LEFT JOIN art ON art.media_id = a1.idArtist AND art.media_type = 'artist' GROUP BY a1.idArtist, art.art_id ORDER BY a1.idArtist, arttype
2020-06-15 22:07:17.462 T:3787416288   DEBUG: GetArtistsByWhereJSON - query took 1 m

Is this normal?

That looks like a skin updating a music widget. As that query only took a thousandth of a second to complete I doubt it is related to your issue.

OK, it’s still odd though, i don’t have a music library…

I’ll see if i can disable it just to get it out of the way…

is there an easy way to remove all addons that are not a current dependency?

If a add-on is a dependency it will not normally allow you to disable it in the UI. If you are worried about it I would recommend making a backup of your settings with the My OSMC add-on.

ok, thank you.