HDMI CEC not working after backup/restore for transfer to a new SD card

My old microSD in the Raspi2 is acting up, so I figured it’s time to replace it with a newer/faster card.

Got the latest OSMC installer and put it on the new card, then used the handy dandy backup feature to get all settings and preferences from the old install and apply them on the new install.

All was nice and easy, except for one thing - on the new install, the HDMI CEC doesn’t work, so I can’t use the receiver’s remote control. Plug in the old card and it works.


While all your settings should be save, check if you enable CEC in settings Input Devices? You may have to choose expert mode.

Also try to power down (full disconnect from power) the Pi and the TV for several minutes. Then power up the TV and afterwards the Pi

I tried the power down/power up of the Raspi and the receiver, nada. I’ll double check the CEC in settings, but as far as I remember it was enabled (and as a OSMC setting it should have been backed up and restored through the built-in process).