HDMI CEC remote control

Hi, I have a raspberry pi 3 b+ running OSMC hooked up to my SONY KDL-46XBR4 via HDMI. The TV recognizes the pi as CEC device (“Recorder1 KODI” and the pi will turn off when I turn off my TV), but I can’t figure out how to get my TV remote to control OSMC. It would be great to get this working! Thanks for your help!

CEC often was much more limited on TV’s produced 13 years ago than with current TV’s. If CEC is enabled in Kodi as it should by default, then the issue is most likely the TV does not support forwarding remote commands as CEC actions. Some TV’s require you to enable a menu option to enable extra CEC functions so you may want to dig through the menus to see if you can find any options to try.

OK… that makes sense. I couldn’t find anything that said it supported remote control commands. Just powering on/off. Would I be able to connect an IR receiver to the pi to use the remote? Where could I find instructions on how to do that?

You could search the forum for different options. There is also a device called FLIRC that may interest you. Alternatively there is a rf remote available for purchase in the OSMC store that many have found to be much more responsive than using infrared or CEC.