HDMI-CEC Stopped Working


I have installed the latest update and HDMI-CEC remote isn’t working. It was working pre Krypton. Any ideas how to get it working again?


Depending on the make of your television make sure you enter tv settings and see if control devices through HDMI-CEC is enabled…
what make and model of tv do you have?

Power down (unplug power cord) all devices for at least a minute

i have some cec issues myself
what i found as a workaround is this
try switching the tv to another input source like live tv or dvd player or any other source then switch back to the pi
this worked for me until i can find out what the problem is

LG TV. Its simplink, i’ve used it before the update.

Thanks I’ll try that

i had a problem with an lg yesterday, audio settings were changed and the simplink turned itself off, have you made sure simplink is turned on?