HDMI "disabled"

Hi, i’m using osmc on a rpi2 and i’m having an issue, if i start the rpi before turning on the TV, i can’t see anything from the HDMI even if i try removing the cable and plug in in a differenti port on the TV, the only way is power off the rpi and reboot, any idea on how to fix that? Thanks

This is quite normal as the raspberry cannot determine that there is a TV plugged in if it is switched off and defaults to analog output.
You can boot the raspberry with the TV on and then just leave it running. It should still know your TV when you switch it on again.

There is also a way to force hdmi output. See here:

Excuse @mcobit, he forgot about the edid. This is what you want

Thanks. True as your resolution will not be ideal with my suggestion.

thanks both for the reply, i will try it out as soon as i go home.