HDMI issue?

I’m having an issue with my Vero. It seems to be related to the HDMI output. The Vero was fine for about 6 months or so and then it started to cause my subwoofer to hum slightly. This coincided with me starting to use an external drive and I actually thought the sound was from the drive vibrating on my tv stand. Obviously I found out it wasn’t when I used the Vero without the drive. Anyway the next issue was that it stopped ARC and HDMI control working on my AV amp. I tried disabling CEC on the Vero but it didnt help. The only thing that worked was unplugging the Vero power supply when I wasn’t using it. The final issue occurred about 2 months ago. Intermittently and periodically my AV amp would shut down and go into safe mode (which prevents damage) and it would take a good hour before the amp would operate again. After trying all kinds of stuff the AV amp was sent back to Denon as faulty. It was returned to me after a few days with a report saying no fault found and to check all my connections. I set the amp up again and only added 1 device at a time and running it for a few hours. Sure enough the amp was fine until I tried the Vero. The amp shut off and went into safe mode after about an hour. I disconnected the Vero and factory reset the amp. Again the amp worked for several days without issue. Once I was certain everything was working as it should I tried the Vero again. The Vero shut the amp off again after about 30 minutes. Straight away though it was causing the subwoofer to buzz so loudly I had to turn it off. I waited an hour until the amp would come out of safe mode and tried again. Same result. I tried one more time to be sure and same again. I’ve had the Vero disconnected from my system now for two weeks and my amp has been fine the whole time. At this point I’m pretty loathe to plug the Vero back in at all.

Sorry about the long winded post, I just wanted to make it clear that I pretty much tried everything possible to narrow down the issue!!

If there’s a solution I’ll be more than happy as I’m currently having to watch my 4k content via the TVs built in player which can only output standard 5.1 :disappointed_relieved:

I’m guessing a power supply issue. Do you have another 5V,2A PSU to try?

I would try another hdmi cable

Thanks Graham. That’s one thing I didn’t try. I’ll see if I can find one

Hi Sam. Yeah that was my first port of call. I’ve tried several HDMI cables into all the different inputs on my Denon amp all with the same result. The same cables are all fine with other devices (Sky Q, Xbox One, PS4)

If you don’t have a PSU with a barrel connector, I understand you can also power vero from the white USB port if you have a usb A-A cable and a PSU with a USB socket (or even a USB socket on a computer). @sam_nazarko can correct me if wrong.

That’s right. You should disconnect the barrel jack however.