HDMI output fuzzy

Streaming 720p video via ethernet to pi2 then hdmi to 52" hdtv, quality is not sharp but fuzzy. Any idea what settings are needed to be set or not set to get a better picture? Running OSMC R2.

Streaming how exactly ? Airplay ? UPnP DNLA ? Playing a file via an SMB/NFS share ? Streaming from online using an Addon ?

Make sure your TV is not over scanning as that will make the picture a bit soft. What screen resolution is Kodi set to ?

Is it just the video that is fuzzy or is the user interface a bit soft looking too ?

And I assume you have tried other files, in case the file you are playing is not very good quality. Often a video that looks ok on a laptop screen looks pretty rubbish when you blow it up to 52" - that’s when you can really start to tell the difference between a well encoded video and a poorly encoded one…

I did some setting changes to ums on pc that seems to have solved it. Clear picture again.