HDMI re-connection while start/stop media


I’ve been using OSMC since 3 month. I really love the service. I updated to the latest version of Kody(Krypton) and I found some issues.


Issue: As you can see in the video Kodi reload hdmi connection every single event when I start/stop media. (In the top left corner). It looks like a normal behaviour, but while the tv try to rebuild the connection I can’t navigate in Kodi.

In the previously versions I never met this issue. I can start/stop media without reconnection.

My setup:
Philips 43PUH6101/88 UHD SMART LED
Raspberry Pi 3
Synology Nas
Kody(Krypton latest)

I had the same issue. Deactivating settings>player>videos>adjust display refresh rate helped.
It was kind of annoying because I have a 1024x600 touchscreen which changed to 720p after starting a video. The result was that couldn’t navigate via touch anymore.

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Thanks your quick reply, I will check it!

Just worked!