HDMI sound issue

I had a problem whereby after pausing a video, then sound went missing on resume (HDMI audio). By going into settings, changing the sound from HDMI to analogue and back, the sound was fixed again. But then another problem - how to get back to the video. Here is the full sequence of events:

(Raspberry PI 2 with OSMC - installed fresh from internet downloads on 1 Oct 2015)

Playing video - HDMI sound dissappears (happened many times - so no particular reason)
In order to determine whether sound is fixed, let the video continue playing
Go to system settings, change audio driver from HDMI to analogue and back
Sound is now fixed, I can hear sound of current video, but there is no way to get back the video on screen (ESC certainly did not do the trick, I tried LEFT and RIGHT arrows, and there is no menu option to do this)
So I navigate back to the playing video, but when I do, it starts from the beginning and sound is missing again.
I have searched the settings, but could not find the “Resume from last position” option anywhere. So I am in an endless loop of fixing audio and not being able to get back to playing the video.

It would be very helpful if there is a way to get back to having the video back to the screen if a video is playing while you had to navigate the menu for some reason. If there is a special key for this, please inform me.

TAB is the key to make playback fullscreen again.