Hdmi streaming video restarting?

Using app svtplay hdmi seems to be restarting, the screen goes black… and then after restarting the video has seemingly continued while hdmi was restarting. About a week week and a half ago it “worked” it seemed. Seems to as well to work better after a restart and gets worse (occurs earlier) after the first time.

Log with debug:http://paste.osmc.io/cipusovoru

The app is svtplay. The developer seems to mean it is probably something with osmc

Any help is appreciated.

Not sure what the add-on is, but sounds like your problem is video continues while Kodi is adjusting the refresh rate?

I believe there is a setting to pause the video while Kodi adjusts the refresh rate.

I will look for something to deal with perhaps fixing the refresh rate. Not sure you saw the github link but the developer thought :
The plug-in serves HLS streams to Kodi. In your case it it ffmpeg that is doing the decoding and playback. This information might be of use in yourtroubleshooting.

Does this perhaps mean anything to you?

Well, I don’t know much about the plug-in, maybe someone else can chime in. I would expect it to be hardware accelerated, rather than played back via ffmpeg.

It sounds like you just need to change the refresh rate setting so it pauses. Did you try this? A video showing the problem may be helpful.

I was unable to check your log due to limited bandwidth on my holiday, but if it isn’t a visual stutter then it’s unlikely to present in logs.

I suggest the following:

  • turn off adjust ref rate completely. Does it solve your behaviour?
  • If so, enable adjust ref rate, and enable the pause option. Does it solve your behaviour?