HDR Banding Still hapenning

Hi sorry to bring back this painfull subject :slight_smile:

but i am still experiencing banding on 4k HDR content,
i tried HDR autoswitching without visible result;
and manual 4,4,4 10bit setup result in strange behaviour (sound drops sometimes, there are micro freezes or lags and more important some white dots on image … ).

i have Vero4k ========Yamaha RXA850==== LG EF950V

and good hdmi cables,

tv and homecinema should support HDR properly and i have no issue with PS4 on 4K HDR;

dont know what to do, i’ll try and provide photos later

any idea ?

tv supported resolution

HDR autoswitching is still temperamental.
For best results, enable 444,10 manually.

If this gives you white dots, then the problem is usually caused by an HDMI cable being problematic, however I note you say you have good cables.

Do you experience problems with 10-bit content when it’s plugged directly in to the LG?

Also make sure that you do not enable 444,10-bit AND HDR autoswitching. This will cause problems.

You will not get any banding if you enable 444,10-bit manually for certain.

i have https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B01BMPZLR8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

and i’ll look for the other one, also home cinema is set :

You should try directly to the display first to rule out any issues with the Yamaha.


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yep i’ll try that

Hi, i tried to set the Vero 4K directly on the TV and it seems to work better,

now i don’t know how to manage the issue with the Yamaha

Hey, i am double checking capacity of my TV and i see it only support 10bit 4:2:0;
and for HDR support you tell me to enable 444 10bit, could this be an issue ?
could there be like “420 10bit” setup ?

further more movies are also encoded 420 10bit no ? just trying to undersand if i dont overdoe something trying to set output to 444 10bit…

Yes – that will be the issue.
Does it support 4:2:2?


Hi, not sure, documentation sux big time,

for now i tried to put the Vero on HDM1 on the Yamaha and it works no stranges artifact, i did put PS4 on the HDMI port used previously by Vero and it work perfectly.

i cant see difference in documentation for those two hdmi ports either :confused:

thank you,