Heavy Overlapping/Stuttering out of nowhere

today i got playback problems on my rp2 with latest osmc version installed (actually did the update after the problem appeared)

nothing was changed, but today on every video i get heavy stuttering/overlapping of the video.
doesnt matter if local or over LAN.

any ideas what could cause this?
also are there useful logsi could get? and how do i do this?

What does overlapping mean here?

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Please see http://osmc.tv/wiki/general/how-to-submit-a-useful-support-request/ for advice on how to help us.

i just wanted to record the problem and get logs, but the problem is gone now.
really strange, i tried this morning like half an hour to get rid of the problem.
did restarts and update…
will write again if the problem appears again

thanks for your answers

if your getting your content over lan there would have just been interference or heavy load on your network but again its hard to say without logs.

So if it happens again please consult the wiki on how to upload a logs we made it really easy for the inexperienced user :slight_smile: that will make our work easier :smiley:

It may be easier to take a photo or video of the overlapping so we can see what you mean

or use the screenshot feature in kodi