Help after shuting down

Hy i need help.

I have osmc installed on raspberry pi2 and after a shuting down of the raspberry the screen apears like this

can you help me?
I dont have a keyboard connected to the raspberry and i dont see why i have to.
I cant connect ssh or ftp.

Is there an issue with leaving the thing running? It uses almost no power when idling. Someone on Kodi forum calculated it to be like $2/year…

I havê no issue with that. Just happened.

I only dont understand why i must have a keyboard connected to it so i can power it on.

What you show in your screenshot is not normal at all - it is dropping to an emergency recovery console.

Have you installed any additional software or made changes to the system configuration outside of Kodi ?

What command are you typing to shut down, or are you doing so from the Kodi menu ?

When you shut down a Pi it should go to a black screen with no HDMI signal. Once this happens you have to manually disconnect the power and reconnect it to start up again.

A keyboard is not required to shut down or start up a Pi.

Ive shutdown in kodi. Then the next time ive plug it in this screen showed up.

This is not normal at all.

What can i do?
Get a keyboard?

You mean, this showed up while starting?

You could attach a keyboard temporarily to analyse the cause of this and detach it afterwards

Ive shut down the raspberry on thebpower off button that Kodi has