Help Please V18.2 Skin advice

Hi all - Just updated software and I lost my customary skin - AMBER.

Can anybody suggest a new skin that is similar and equally customisable - I really do NOT like the horizontal slidy screen thing.


That skin have you tried on V18? Hav you checked out the default OSMC skin. @Chillbo has made a lot of improvements to it.

As to the ‘horizontal slidy screen thing’, you can always change that. There is a list view, wall view etc. available in most all skins.

I suspect the OP means like Confluence and I couldn’t agree more. Try it with a mouse and weep.

I’ll give it a go. But at the moment I admit I miss a good old fashioned (made for dinosaur) type interface.

There are a lot custom Skins but i think you won’t get support here.

Try this one: Aeon Nox Silvo (k18)

Looks like Amber is available for Kodi 18 - here’s the forum link: Amber for Leia/Matrix/Nexus

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Brilliant - Thanks very much. All is now well in Grumpy Old Man country!

You might like lyrebird (formerly Mimic) GitHub - Rufoo/skin.lyrebird: A merging of Mimic and the Cirrus Extended family. . It’s lightweight, and remote-control friendly (a number of the other skins were failing the WAF test, especially from the “horizontal slidey thing”), and you can configure the menus however you want. Not in the kodi repo at present, so you’d have to side-load it (install from zip). Although I use a customized version of it (GitHub - randallspicher/ A merging of Mimic and the Cirrus Extended family.) because I didn’t like the way the PVR guide was displaying, and wanted to put in some features on the weather screens to handle weather data from NOAA. I find the default background and overlay images a bit on the ugly side, (looks washed out to my eye) but you can configure those to something else.

Can post some screenshots bud?