Help with locking down the UI

I’m trying to setup an OSMC installation for use in a semi-public area. really all I want is for people to be able to browse, search and watch videos in a specific folder on a USB drive and nothing else. I’m currently using the Estuary skin.

I’ve added a master lock and created a profile that is limited to just the “videos” main menu option and I’ve set Video as the option to start on boot though there are still some things I’d like to be able to do.

at bare minimum I’d like the video option to start in a specific folder. currently you have to select files and then navigate to it.

the master lock works well at locking a lot of options out, though I’d like to remove the “My OSMC” option from the main menu as even with the master lock the user can still go in and muck with remote, overclocking, networking and a few other options in there.

One other small tweak I’d love to make is displaying the video length as opposed to the file size when browsing files, or at least removing the file size so it only displays the video title.

Any help with this would be appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks

You should be using a library. This will give you the clean view you want and we’ll be easier to lock down.

It’s also worth looking into, depending on which skin you’re using, whether it offers a ‘kiosk mode’ (which will generally limit access to view options and the like) and a customisable menu (which will enable you to remove any menu items you don’t want people to access).

I don’t understand what this is supposed to do. I’ve read this suggestion elsewhere and every guide I’ve found for setting up a “library” just says to use the “add files” option. but I’ve done that and all it did is create a quick link to the folder I added. if that’s all it does it doesn’t seem to be the solution I’m looking for.

Do you have any recommendations for Pi compatible skins that offer a kiosk mode? Neither the default OSMC skin nor the Estuary skin that comes with OSMC appears to include a kiosk mode (or if it does I can’t seem to find the setting)

If you don’t understand what a library is and means in Kodi, I suggest you learn more about Kodi and how it works first.

I think I phrased what I meant incorrectly. I don’t undestand what it means in terms of what I’m trying to accomplish. the wiki describes the benefit of a library as "the organization of your video content by information such as genre, title, year, actors and directors, smart playlists, advanced search and filtering, custom sections, etc. Kodi will search the internet and download rich metadata for your videos, such as cover art, summaries, and cast credits. "

…but that’s all completely irrelevant to what I’m trying to do. I have 600+ self-recorded video clips that aren’t related to any movie, tv-show or music video. There there are no genre, actors or directors, nor is there any internet metadata to download.

Kodi already browses these fine, I just want to set it up to start browsing in the right location and not allow users to leave that location. I’ve read about a dozen wiki pages related libraries and I don’t understand how it’s able to help me accomplish that task. If you know of a particular page that explains that part of it to help point me in the right direction that would be most excellent :slight_smile:

You should then be seeking guidance from as what you are trying to do here is completely dependent on Kodi function. OSMC has no bearing in this respect and they should be able to give you better advice faster.

ok I’ll post there, thanks :slight_smile: