Help with OSMC forum website

Can someone please help me with how the forum threads work on OSMC as it’s unlike any other website I come across. Take for example the Vero 4K+ shipping thread. It’s a very long thread and when I go into it, I’m taken to posts that were posted about 3 days ago. When I scroll to the bottom of the page, the last post that shows is still around 3 days ago. I know there are newer posts though. If I want to view the 1st post (which is being amended with new details by Sam) then I scroll to the top but furthest it will scroll up is also a post 3 days ago. There seems to be a very limited list of messages that I can scroll up and down.

If I want to go beyond this, then I have to use the little fast scroll date bar on the right to drag it to a place that was approximately where I last read up to and then I scroll the page as far as I can and then have to repeat until I get to the bottom. Also have to use the date scroll control too if I want to view the 1st post again.

This is very infuriating and I just want to have direct control over scrolling across all messages. How can I do this please?

If you are on a desktop, there is a little bar on the side of long threads which you can drag or click to jump up posts.


Yes, I’m on web and that’s exactly what I was trying to describe. But say I need to catch up on the last 3 days worth of posts, it’s a bit of a faff to use that bar when I’m given such a small number of threads to read for each movement of it. Is there a setting to change it to one big list?

We’ve now got enough posts on this very thread for that bar to appear. You should be able to scroll to wherever you want and then continue scrolling from there.

What browser are you using? It’s possible the forum software has some issues with your browser.


I’m using Chrome. I just tried using Microsoft Edge and I can instantly see that the page loads more when you get to the end of the list so works completely intuitively. Seems like an issue with Chrome then. I’m using Chrome (the latest stable version).

I’ll try and update the forums in a bit.


No problem at all. I can work around by using a different browser.