Help with sharing music

looking for some pointers thinking about making a touchscreen music player so have been
experimenting with pi trying to share music on a hard drive in computer

computer is running zorin which is based on ubuntu i can see the public folder when i change
the file settings nautilus pops up and changes them but i cant share the hard drive with the music on
it its mounted and can access it from the computer hope this makes sense
dont want to move all the music to the other drive

What you have written is impossible to understand which computer holds the music and which computer wants to access it…

sorry new to linux the computer has the music on a separate hard drive i am trying to access
it over a lan network from the pi running osmc

thanks samba was not installed on the computer will have a go see if it can see the music drive

I would suggest NFS over samba since all involved devices are Linux and NFS is native to that os.

ok thats great thanks for the advice i am running about ten raspberry pi,s running osmc
for friends and family its fantastic software which people forget is free so thanks to everyone
involved trying to broaden my knowledge so hopefully a touchscreen music player next on the list

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just an update got touchscreen pi working as jukebox with a pi-dac+ hat
plugged into a pair of teufel speakers amazing sound from a small machine
managed to get the samba shares working
big thanks for the osmc software

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