HEVC x265 audio not in sync

Hi guys, need some help with playback of HEVC x265 files.
Setup - OSMC on Raspberry Pi 2 - micro sd card with USB method
The audio is way out of sync with the video. Nothing is wrong with the file as it plays perfectly on Windows 7 Kodi.
Want to know if this is OSMC related or Pi related?

Much appreciated

The raspberry dont have hardware decoding for x265 and it is quite demanding on the cpu to do software decoding to my knowlage so its probably there the problem is.

Thanks for the reply
Will the VERO be able to play these files properly?

For now, no. And probably never will.
Maybe, if ffmpeg will optimize software decode to not be as CPU intensive, it will get better. But I would never rely on this though, and I am quite certain that if it will work it will never work with proper HD stuff.

If you want to be able to software decode HEVC properly you will need a powerful computer, not Pi, VERO, a simple NUC or any other low powered devices.

And if you want proper hardware decoding… well, there are only a few devices on the market today that allows for HEVC hardware decoding, but AFAIK none of them are very Kodi friendly as of yet.

The Odroid C1 has x265 decoding ability up to 1080p but has other problems as non working cec right now. And no really optimized kodi etc.

So is it time to retire my Pi2? Many more downloads are now in x265 (talking about 1080p here) and although it tries it’s best to decode them it max’s out the quad core cpu as it has no hardware decoding ability for x265. Is there no way you can speed up the software decode using the x264 hardware? I would have thought that could be utilized in some way to help at least?

Unfortunately, the Pi’s GPU cannot accelerate H265 / HEVC content. There are some ASM patches to improve SW decoding performance. I suspect given the persistence of the Pi community and the developers around it (i.e. Dom), they will improve in time.

I am aware of the increase in H265 content in the last few months and cannot anticipate a Vero 2 (which will go on sale next month) not offering this capability


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I’m a noob her but,
I have the same problem, more and more content in HEVC but RPI2 cant play it smoothly.
Everyone is saying HEVC playing with RPI2 is not possible but i never see the solution to convert the content to h264 before playing.
ffmpeg supports hevc to h264 conversion and there are python script which will automatically notice content and convert it with ffmpeg.

The solution is out of the box but it’s a solution. If this post is totally not in place please let me know so i will learn.

Sure you can convert to H264 with ffmpeg but you could not do it in real time and you would loose the advantages of H265