Hide folders from external HDD

Hi Guys,

not sure if this is a OSMC or Kodi question and I am not sure if there is a solution at all. I have a harddisk (VFAT) connected to OSMC. On that harddisk I have two folders (one backup and one media). I have two different samba shares configured to access these two folders. As the backup folder is of no interest for Kodi I would like Kodi only be able to access (and I am not talking about adding to library) the media folder. But obviously when I attach the HDD to Kodi it (and the users) can see all folders on that harddisk including the backup.



If you just want to make it invisible you might be able to put a . In front of the name, I think that should make it invisible as far as Kodi is concerned. It’ll still be accessible if you specifically go there though.

So just rename “backup” to “.backup”

Thanks, that might be the easiest. I guess not much else can be done without changing the disk to a filesystem with rights management capabilities