Hide "Switch to channel"

Hi all,

I installed OSMC because I love its skin and the way it works. I tested many KODI flavors on RPi 3 such as LibreElec, OpenElec, etc. And OSMC is great.

I managed to customize a lot of things but there’s still one thing that I don’t manage to do. So if someone can help me, it’s great.

When I switch from one TV channel to another using numbers on a remote, I always get a popup window for few seconds. This popup window is called “Switch to channel”.

Does anyone know how to remove this popup window ?



This window is part of Kodi as of v18. Technically it could be made optional, but there hasn’t been any demand for it.

What I could though is point you to the file that needs editing for the dialog to not show up on your setup - these changes would be reverted by each update though.

Thank you for your answer. If you could point me to the right file, it would be great.

And for your information, I run Kodi 18 and OSMC in parallel. It seems that this behaviour disappeared with Kodi 18. So it would be a local patch until OSMC on Kodi 18 is released.