HIFI DiGi+ and composite

I’m looking at adding the HIFI DiGi+ to my RP-2. The PI is being used with an older TV with composite video in as well as an older 5.1 receiver without HDMI inputs.
Will the PI-2 with the HIFI DiGi+ board added output composite video as well as SPDIF optical 5.1 without an HDMI device connected with the associated handshaking?

You should ask the HiFi berry ppl, or whoever makes the board in question.

The Hifiberry Digi+ is only for audio, not for (composite) video. You can connect the TV to your RPI or from the Rpi to the receiver and the SPDIF optical over the Digi+ to your older 5.1. receiver.

I don’t know (but I think it’s supported) the Digi+ and OSMC support output off DTS/Dolby Digital!

Important note: While the hardware is able to output DTS/Dolby Digital, software has to be adapted to support this. We will support the developers to implement this. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that this feature will work with a specific software. Please ask the developers of the software if this is supported.

That would be a question for the OSMC team…

link to the hifiberry